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  • Out and about sketches 2008

    After a long period of doing all sorts of different stuff, while constantly ignoring to update this poor blog, I am coming back with this monster post hoping to save some face. So, here are some sketches and pages from the sketchbooks that I have been carrying around with me all year when I was out and about.
    They are done in buses, trains, coffee shops, bars, hospitals, airplanes, jungles, spaceships, and other friendly or less friendly places away from home, using twigs and my left foot occasionally along with other strange artifacts. Some are crap some are ok I guess, but they all share the same charm of loitering somewhere for far more than you should.
    Happy new year everyone.

    2 Responses to “Out and about sketches 2008”

    1. Stilos says:

      Great work Kostas, really inspiring!
      The overall “feel” I get from your sketches reminds me what I felt when I saw Chris Ware’s sketchbooks.
      Don’t worry about “crap”* sketches(there aren’t any by the way. Just the fact that you keep drawing makes it all worth it!

      *”crap”?: come and see my sketchbook! :-)

    2. myrto says:

      Heh! Lots of familiar faces there! Amazing work,some are breathtaking! :)

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