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    This last six months have been a wild ride. It got really rough at times but truth is, it couldn’t have brought me to a better place. The need for change upon life, work and everything in between was suddenly too obvious. Leaving Athens to move to Crete, my home island, is probably the most worth mentioning stop on this ride and the only thing I’m wondering now is why oh why didn’t I do it sooner! 
    Fresh starts go hand in hand with sorting out a lot of shit and for that you need some peace and quiet. Internet somehow was really noisy for my poor brain so I pretended it didn’t exist for a while, as I did with lots of things. Made things easier.
    I’ll be posting some of the stuff I was up to during that time, along with sketches and everything else that might seem worth sharing.
    I did this one in my sketchbook the day I was moving out of the city. I kept adding stuff on top of the pile as days went by.
    Stay tuned. More to come.

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