I’m not sure when it all started. It feels like it has been lurking in my brain forever. These strange characters kept popping up in my head hijacking my thoughts, trying to get involved in everything. They’ve been living as doodles on countless scraps of paper and sketchbooks scattered around my studio for a really long time. Some are more than ten years old.

And although these characters demanded so much attention, the whole thing always felt too arbitrary. I remember giving it a try now and then but I never seemed to get a clear vision of how to go about it. Nothing really solid came out on paper. Since they wouldn’t stop pestering me, I decided at some point to go ahead and do it anyway. I was going to give them a place to exist so they could get out of my head for a while. Even a crappy one.

Now, what I usually do is familiarize myself with my story’s geography first. Explore the alternatives. Find a beginning, a middle and an end and then act as a tour guide planing the most exciting possible route I can think off for my imaginary reader to travel through. This is not the case.

‘Mused’ is an actual exploration itself. I don’t have a clue what comes next. No plans. Turns out the most difficult thing about that, is fighting that constant urge to get back in control. Which is another way of saying ‘I desperately need to get back in my comfort zone’. Playing it safe all the time though isn’t  a very expansive strategy. Especially in a creative process. So in a way it boils down to an exercise in courage really. Remembering that it’s ok to let go. Make mistakes. Play around. Go nuts. Have fun. I can only hope you’ll enjoy it too.




PS. Please do continue to point out typos in the stories or any other atrocities I might be inflicting upon the English language. Even though it’s not my native one I’m quite fond of it.