Kostas has always been drawing, painting and making things up. He enjoys it almost as much he struggles with it, as it’s customary for all great loves.

He never received formal art training. A mix of luck, ignorance, curiosity and delusions of adequacy somehow allowed him to start earning a living by drawing pictures before he even reached twenty, and thus abandoning a promising career as a cook for a lovely Mexican joint.

In the following decade he worked on almost anything he could find involving picture making. Books, magazines, ads, posters, murals, storyboards, concept-art, animation. He also became a mediocre juggler, co-owned a night club and performed as a puppeteer.

These last few years, following a natural inclination for storytelling resulted in the making of comics as well. In order to learn how to do it right himself, he has been teaching others through occasional workshops on cartooning and visual storytelling.

The whole thing has been nothing but one big happy mess so far and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Feb 2013

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