Kostis has always been drawing, painting and making things up. He enjoys it almost as much he struggles with it as it’s customary for all great loves

He never received formal art training. A mix of luck, ignorance, curiosity and delusions of adequacy somehow allowed him to start drawing pictures for a living before he even turn twenty —throwing away a promising career as a part-time cook for a lovely Mexican joint

During the couple of decades that followed, he worked as a freelancer on anything he could find involving picture making. Books, editorials, ads, covers, posters, murals, storyboards, comics, packaging, graphic design, costume and set design, concept-art, animation and much more. He also became a mediocre juggler, co-owned a night club and performed for a while as a puppeteer. There were some awards along the way too. (Some folks care a lot about that stuff.)

He prefers to start working with no specific method or strategy and allow an idea to dictate the best way to be realized. Freelance work and deadlines makes this hard sometimes, but he always tries to explore as much as possible.

These last few years he has been teaching others how to make pictures in an attempt to finally learn how to do it properly himself. He loves it very very much and claims it helps a lot with his impostor syndrome.

He is currently working on writing and illustrating his own picture books.

Wish him luck





You can contact him at [email protected] 

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