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    I was visiting a friend last week. He recently got mixed up with stop-motion animation, doing some really cool stuff. During the whole process, he got familiar with some video editing software, and he was eager to demonstrate all the new tricks he had learned. I suggested we should make something on the spot, instead of just giving me a tour on all these potentially impressive tools.

    For some strange reason he liked the idea, one thing led to another and we ended up wasting the few days I was staying there, doodling and editing inside the house, instead of going out and enjoy a perfectly sunny day.
    The main reason I was there in the first place was relaxing and staying off work for a while… I am hopeless.
    Anyway this is what we ended up with.

    2 Responses to “Reunion”

    1. Chuck Sperry says:

      BEAUTIFUL! the music and images are inspiring!
      Every boy’s dream – and even more!

    2. stilos says:

      “…a few days”?
      What if you had a few months? a masterpiece? This is great!
      A “sad” story reflecting the fact that you should be outside instead of staying in a rather dark room?

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