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  • Inktober 2014

    What a month! But first things first. What’s Inktober? It’s a drawing challenge conceived by artist Jake Parker. You make an ink drawing everyday and share it online  for the entire month. I’ve been posting mine on facebook and twitter and now that it’s over I thought I should gather all of them in a […]

    Yin Yang birds on Silkscreen

    Spend the weekend with good friends, one of which was the silkscreen printer extraordinaire known as Tind. Fortunately he brought some of his gear with him, so we ended up printing all day. I drew the  amazing Yin Yang birds my niece came up with  and made prints on every surface we could find. Banana […]

    Color quickies

    It’s been a while since I posted anything on process. Sometimes the projects I’m working on lean heavily on design so there’s no need for me to draw anything from observation. When that happens for too many days in a row I’m starting to feel a bit rusty. One of my favorite exercises on observation […]