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  • AnimArt 2010

     I just got back from this year’s AnimArt. The 10-day animation workshop up in the mountains, where I got to hang out with good friends and make new ones. Cool people from all sorts of places teamed up making some amazing clips. Claymation, 2d and 3d animation, you name it. Between the heavy drinking, staying up all night and playing ping-pong, we managed to complete a 2 minutes animation 2d short with a little help from our new friends, just in time for the final screening day of the whole workshop.

    Great train ride!
    Setup gear in place.
    Getting started
    work work work!
    Cheetos-fueled, all-nighter.
    Last day. Final stretch. Hard at work.
    Last scene! looks like we are gonna make it!
    Done! Mission accomplished in just two days! Now back to playing ping-pong!

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    1. elli J says:

      ***** – 5 star – extra nice !!

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