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    park wall


    I have been busy with some pretty sweet projects lately. An exterior mural at my favorite chill out spot. A cafe in the center of a park. (fun fact: It’s the park at my hometown that the first  Mused episode “A day at the park” is supposed to take place.) Ironically, this mural is also the reason why the new Mused comic is taking me longer to finish, but I just couldn’t pass on the chance to make this happen. I’ll do a proper post with photos from day to day progress as soon as I’m finished. Meanwhile I’m posting project photos on my Facebook page almost on a daily basis. I haven’t added a link to that page in the site yet due to excessive laziness but I’ll get to that too eventually.

    Project number two is a collaboration with an amazing local creative studio where I’m making illustrated maps of places around Europe as part of a series of  taste oriented traveling guides. It’s a bit soon to share stuff at this point but I will as soon as I can.


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