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  • 2 Responses to “Eraser art #03”

    1. Kappa says:

      Thank you!
      As for the eraser thing, no there’s nothing that useful about them. (although I do make small things for quick reference from time to time) These are just things my hands make while I am thinking of what to do next. Kind of like doodling while talking on the phone.

      I know my on/off relationship with the internets makes this place taste a bit stale sometimes. I’ll try to keep things fresh. ;)

    2. wren says:

      Hey Kostas, glad to see you’ve got a blog. I really love your Premium Cargo story – saw it in Flight 7 and was blown away. Do you use eraser art as maquettes for your stories? Please keep your blog current. I’m really eager to see what your up to.

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