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  • Inktober 2013

    Hey look! An actual blog post.

    I’ve been giving too much attention to the social media lately and the blog wasn’t getting any love. I intent to change that. Blogs might feel a bit obsolete lately but it still feels somehow more personal than any other social platform and I really like that.


    Here’s my batch of this year’s Inktober sketches. They are already posted on facebook and twitter but I like  having them all together in one post. I was too busy and went with the half marathon this year doing  sketches only every other day. There were days I literally couldn’t spare more than 5 minutes for a sketch.

    In case you don’t know what I’m talking about let me explain really quick. Inktober is a ink sketching chalenge. You’re supposed to make an ink drawing everyday for the whole of October. Hence the name. Jake Parker is the artist who conceived the whole thing and you can get more info at his website. I might be drawing on a daily basis anyway for work, but the fun part for me with inktober is doing it with so many people at the same time. Somehow it tastes a bit different. Like watching a movie on tv instead of a dvd.

    I’ve also added some time-lapse videos I made for a couple of sketches at the end of the post. Two of the videos are from last year’s Inktober.

    Here they are in the order they were made.



















    5 Responses to “Inktober 2013”

    1. Philip says:

      Wicked drawing…!

    2. danos says:

      These are wonderful and so many different styles. You’re an art chameleon. Were these done with paint brush or markers? What type of markers do you use? I’ve tried brushes but I have no control and quills make me want to bang my head from the frustration.

    3. Rini says:

      Beautiful work! I love the videos!

    4. Cheri says:

      How do you do these time lapse videos. Toooocool

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