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  • Yin Yang birds on Silkscreen

    Spend the weekend with good friends, one of which was the silkscreen printer extraordinaire known as Tind. Fortunately he brought some of his gear with him, so we ended up printing all day.

    photo 3c photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

    I drew the  amazing Yin Yang birds my niece came up with  and made prints on every surface we could find.

    photo 2b photo 3b

    Banana leaf prints

    photo 4b

    photo 1c

    photo 5b

    photo 2c

    Car bumper

    photo 5

    We also did backpacks, walls, tables, doors but I don’t have anymore photos. At some point we added some honey to the mix just for kicks.

    photo 4 photo 5

    Bugs loved it.


    I mean really loved it.


    Greek word shown here reads: “Unfinishe”

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    1. seeker says:

      That is very creative. Now you have to make a patent out of it or copyright.

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