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  • On the road #02

    Are you familiar with art drops? An art drop is basically a treasure hunt. Someone leaves a drawing somewhere in public for someone else to find. I’ll be doing a few of those along the way so if any of you are in Italy or France, keep an eye out. We might be passing through your city. Here’s how it works.

    artdrop instructions

    The idea of art drops is not something I just came up with. It’s been around for quite sometime. An interesting spin-off is the ‘world art drop day’ by Jake Parker, the very same artist that came up with Inktober. He suggested we should establish September 2nd as world art drop day. I’m all for it!¬† http://mrjakeparker.com/art-drop-day

    On the road #01

    on the road 740














    I’ve been planning and talking about it for so long, it almost feels weird now that it’s actually happening. Starting this Sunday me and my friend Michalis will get in a car and drive across three countries to get to Angouleme’s comics fest.

    The really weird part is between the Paris incident at Charlie Hebdo Magazine and the recent announcement here in Greece of national elections on the very day we start our trip, the mood surrounding the whole thing has already been on a roller coaster before it even started.

    I’ll try to post sketches from the road as much as I can.