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    There’s an overwhelming number of people -at least by my standards- visiting the website and all my internets. I’ve been showered with emails and messages this last week, especially since last night. Such are the unexpected joys of the internet. It feels great to receive so many nice words from so many people. All I can think is that I have to give something back. And I will. I’m swamped with freelance work at the moment. The kind I can’t share yet plus I’m in the process of moving to a new house but I’ll do my best. Welcome everyone.

    Have a great weekend. I know I’ll do. You made sure of it. :)

    10 Responses to “Reached”

    1. Cheri says:

      Came across your site on stumble upon, incredibly creative, profound. Bravo.

      Makes me want to step out of my box and be more creative. Thank you.

      Cheryl Johnson

      [email protected]
      [email protected]


      My websites





    2. Kappa says:


      Thank you so very much, I really don’t know what to say!

    3. Kate says:

      Just been introduced to you via Quora.

      You are my new favorite human!
      I love the art, I love the depth.

      “All I can think is that I have to give something back.” — You owe [us] nothing, except, possibly, living your desire.

      My desire is to look at and read everything you create and want to share.


    4. John says:

      Enjoyed a Day at the Park. Looking forward to more of your work.

    5. Jeff says:

      Yes… that wonderful, wonderful “A Day At The Park” is what brought me to your site. Having long been a huge fan of questions (answers not so much), this piece resonated deeply with me. I’ve shared the link (which was shared by a friend of mine in Australia) & done my part to help it go viral. Thanks for the amazing work & I look forward to checking out much more of your site.

    6. Lilje says:

      Found your comic A day at the park, fell in love and checked out your other stuff as well. I am really picky about the kind of art I like, and yours seems to really touch something in me. So thank you for the beauty, I’ll make sure to keep following your steps.

    7. Mitja says:

      I loved your A Day at the Park! Thank you!

    8. Kappa says:

      It must be. Traffic has gone through the roof these last few days. Thank you very much!

    9. Christine says:

      I found you through a comic strip that seems to be going viral. A comic strip that is beautiful, brilliant and so relate-able.


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