• Yuri Gagarin

    Here’s a portrait of the only man in my opinion to have truly experienced for a short while what it means to be considered by everyone the coolest most amazing  human being on the planet so far.

    I enjoy so very much working with extremely limited palettes lately. Everything looks so harmonious no matter what you do. This is basically painted with yellow and red with just an accent of blue and violet on the highlights.


    Bikeart.gr Poster Exhibition Vol.3”

    This is my poster for this year’s Bikeart poster exhibition. (check out last year’s too) The concept is the same like last year. They produce a limited amount of prints from each artist that can be purchased during the exhibition. Again, all profits will be used to finance big murals and all sorts of beautiful art, decorating schools around the country. All posters that aren’t sold during the show are usually available through internet. More info on their website and facebook page.

    bicycle poster_2014

    Adventure time Cover!

    AT- cover

    I’ve been waiting to share this with you quite a while now. I’m such a huge fan of Adventure time and when Boom! Studios gave me the chance to work on the title I was thrilled! I made this one is for the upcoming issue #31 available in August. You can check it out here among the rest of Boom! studio’s solicitations for this August.

    Towel Day

    I’ve promised to myself that I would prepare a series of illustrations for this year’s towel day since I’m such a huge fan of everything Douglas Adams ever wrote. And so I did and it was really enjoyable making them this last week. I had no idea that towel day would turn out to be such a sad day for me this time around. I wasn’t sure this morning if it would be appropriate to share them, but I decided that even a speck of something happy would be especially welcome -at least for me- on a day such as this turned out to be.

    So, here they are!

    (more about Towel Day on www.towelday.org)

    A bad move-Towel day



    hello ground-Towel day


    flying bricks-Towel day


    mostly harmless-Towel day


    keep yourself occupied-Towel day